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Grant Program & Application
Corporate Sponsorships

Reef Ball Foundation

The Reef Ball Foundation relies on public support to continue our work in saving reef systems around the world.  Many of our projects are self sustaining and don't require outside contributions or even contribute to other projects (such as our Reef Beach Division's erosion control projects where there is a clear benefit for the project client).  Others, with more social benefits such as coral reef restoration, disaster recovery, and coral rescue projects are not self funding and cannot proceed without your support. 

Unrestricted funding helps us to most efficiently spend your donations where it is needed most but you may always designate donations for specific projects.  Even small donations help, because we must continually prove ourselves to the IRS as a publicly supported charity and that not only requires large donations but a wide base of donors.  Please help us by sending a small check to:

Reef Ball Foundation
890 Hill Street
Athens, GA 30606 USA

Or for larger donations contact us at  

Also, following are some specific projects that need funding...larger hands need more funding, smaller hands need less.

Post Katrina Update: Urgent Call for Matching Funding! 12/22/2005

As you may recall a few years ago we deployed the first reef balls in Louisiana .  These are located in Lake Pontchartrain just minutes boat ride form New Orleans .  As you have probably come to expect, these were a success.  About 1 years ago, we began a Phase II reef construction program in Lake Pontchartrain .  We applied for a grant and the grant was awarded for $40,000.  There was a $25,000 cash match requirement (non-federal).  We had donation commitment from local car dealer.  The dealership was heavily impacted from Katrina and they cannot follow through on their pledge.  Under the current circumstances of widespread devastation and needs, it is difficult to contemplate a campaign to get a local contribution.  Therefore I thought you may have a suggestion for this donation outside of Louisiana .  Admittedly Florida has been heavily impacted also, so possibly elsewhere..even an international source.  With the donation, grant and in-kind services, we hope to construct three sites in Lake Pontchartrain for a total cost of $80,000 including services. We lose all this if we do not have a $25,000 donation.  


Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

PS A preliminary survey indicates the reef balls in Lake Pontchartrain were not dislocated from Katrina.  Once we document this, it should be a helpful testimony to their design.

 John A. Lopez, PhD
Dir. Coastal Sustainability Program
Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation
504-421-7348 - cell


Our Coral Rescue Team always needs reserves for fast activation after corals are imperiled by hurricanes, tsunami, ship groundings, etc.  Donations designated for the Coral Team are used for airfares and coral rescue/transplant supplies for our worldwide team of over 100 volunteer experts.  Our reserves were depleted last year due to tsunami and hurricane efforts..please help us rebuild this critical fund.  Fund Goal: $300,000.

FUNDED & Phase I Completed: Cayman Hurricane Ivan Near shore Habitat Restoration Projects and Wilma Emergency Coral Rescue Funding Requests

Mexico Hurricane Wilma Emergency Coral Rescue & Scientific Research Funding Requests

Sri Lanka request for Funding of Tsunami Memorial Project 

     Bonus--Sri Lanka Project Funding Video!

Thailand Tsunami Fishing Village Relief Funding Request

Guatemala Artesian Fishing Funding Request

Dos Mares Lobster Farming Project, Nicaragua

Curacao Coral Team Training Project

Barbados Marine Trust Reef Ball Coral Training Funding Request

Eleuthera Island School Reef Ball Re-Training Funding Request


Donate Now!

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Corporate Sponsorship Packages

Does your company desire a "green" image?

Interested in great press coverage?

Maybe a reef arranged to spell your name or logo?

How about an employee community day?

Perhaps a private diving or fishing reef?

Whatever the reason, the Reef Ball Development Group can help your company build a reef. We can do it all from getting access to a permit, to construction, to press coordination and on to deployment. Or your company can do any part that you like.

On a large scale, we can build your company hundreds or even thousands of reefs for less than you would spend on a super bowl commercial. As an example, less than $200,000 built over 1000 Reef Balls and built 6 large reefs in South Carolina. Just imagine the publicity from building a reef in every ocean state and doing it for less than $500,000 dollars. With larger projects, a company can even sponsor molds to be donated to clubs, schools, and other organizations that will do the rest of the work. This really gets communities, and press involved.

On a smaller scale, we can build a reef to fit nearly any budget. Even with our fully turnkey packages including press coordination, construction, and deployment--your company will probably spend less than $500 per Reef Ball. And each Reef Ball produces about 250 lbs of fish each year for 500 years or more. That's less than 1/2 a cent per pound of fish your company will add back to the world's oceans. A typical smaller scale project would need a budget of about $15,000 to $50,000.

Just want to sponsor a Reef Ball or two? We can add extra Reef Balls to nearly any project (barge or towing space allowing) for about $80 per Bay Ball, $180 per Pallet Ball or $300 per Reef Ball.

Of course, all of the projects of this nature are by custom proposal only. Give us a call or e-mail and we'll send a team to your offices to discuss the options.

Below is one of our sponsors, 10% of all sales go to the Reef Ball Foundation!  Check them out if you have a web design need and you are a saltwater enthusiast.

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