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The Reef Ball Foundation has been carefully studying the science and the politics of Marine Reserves. The concept is quite simple, set aside portions of our worlds oceans as a no-take /replenishment zones. There are a number of compelling reasons to do so:

1) Science has shown that this can actually increase the amount of fish available...even outside the zones.

2) Biodiversity and genetic populations can be preserved.

3) They serve as control zones for study and as a preserve for the next generation.

4) They serve as an "insurance policy" against poor management choices.

Reef Ball is challenging every organization, politician and individual to show their support for the concept of Marine Reserves anywhere worldwide. We don't want to get bogged down in taking sides on individual site selections or in determine how much might be too much, we just want to show broad support for Marine Reserves.

To emphasize to our challenge, the Reef Ball Foundation will provide Reef Ball molds through our Reefs Around The World grant program to any project that will use the Reef Balls within or in support of a protected marine reserve.  Contact the Reef Ball Foundation at 770-752-0202 or e-mail kkirbo@hotmail.com if you would like to get active with our foundation on this issue. Thanks in advance for helping us to preserve our world's ocean ecosystems!

The following have pledged support for Marine Reserves:

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