The Walker School
Reef Ball Project 2000

Sixty-nine Fifth-graders from The Walker School under the direction of their teacher, Ms. Loraine Brooks, deployed Reef Balls off the coast of St. Simons on November 14, 2000. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources provided support for the deployment- Thanks to Henry Ansley.

The students constructed the Lo-pro Balls, Oyster Balls and Mini Balls at their school prior to the trip with Larry Beggs and Kathy Kirbo instructing the students on the construction, reef conservation and the work of the Reef Ball Foundation.

The school will make this project part of their annual field trip to Driftwood.

The kids made the front page!
Read more about this project in the Brunswick News article by Amy Horton.

Students put the molds in place

Larry Beggs juggles Reef Balls while lecturing students on reef conservation and the use of Reef Balls

Girls are up to thier elbows in plaster of Paris
The stuff of which model Reef Balls are made!

Boys strike a blow for reef preservation and conservation.

Double bubble, toil and trouble...
mixing Reef Ball concrete

Kathy Kirbo and Larry Beggs work
with students and moms to finish filling the molds.

These kids also drew some groovy graphics -- Check out the Underwater Gallery!

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