First let's learn about Coral Reefs

(Activities for 2-5th graders)


 Next, let's look at pictures of other kids that are have used Reef Balls to help restore reefs near them, Just click on the of folder icons of the school you want to see.  Try to find kids that are your age.  Click on the back button to return here when you are finished. 
Kids' Ocean-graphics used on this page were created as part of a collaborative effort with artist / educator Fred Ciminelli's CrayonBox © "Cyber" Art Gallery at Sweet Apple Elementary School in Roswell, Georgia. Thanks!  

 OCTI INK LINK! or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Kids from all over the world send us questions. Find out the answers to burning questions such as: What is a coral reef? About how big is a coral reef? Where can I find coral reefs? What kinds of animals live in the coral reef? and Where can I get more info?
SPARS for Kids...Science & Reef Balls in British Columbia!
 FISH FACES We are starting a collection of kids drawings, paintings, portraits, photographs, etc.. of fish, squid, eels, sharks, islands and reefs. Send us a copy or a file and we'll put it in our watery gallery. (Let us know if you have your own page, and we'll link it up.)

25 Things
YOU can do to save Coral Reefs!

From the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History's exhibit get the scoop on these super squids! Let's go "In Search of Giant Squid".


Body by Jell-o! The Oregon Coast Aquarium's exhibit on jelly fish includes a jelly-cam! Its a a live image of their moon jelly exhibit .

Join a SHARK SCHOOL! At the San Diego Natural History Museum's Kids' Habitat you can learn about sharks and play fish games -- Click on the Shark Fin to go to this site:

Environmental Protection Agency:
Everything you ever wanted to know about protecting Coral Reefs! There's even gobs of Technical Information in addition to the stuff for kids.


Creatures of the Ocean This Page was Developed for Ms. Kirbo's Third Grade Class at Sallas Mahone Elementary School by Kristie Soper, Valdosta State University Pre-service.
Aquatic Alphabet Put together by Avocado Elementary School and Pine Lake Elementary School in Homestead, Florida. Also check-out Ms. Langford's Magnet Class Projects, including Junkmans' Sculpture and Stories and Poems!

Play Fish Games! Including Fish Concentration, Fish Slider, Fish Wordmeister, Fish Wordsearch, Sharks!, Something Fishy and Something Fishy II

(please note that your browser must be Java Compatible to play these games)

Have you seen the Wyland Kids Save Our Blue Planet Site? They have an online coloring book for you to download and create your own undersea art.

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