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March 2006 Update by Bill Huppert: The Dorchester MSSA chapter placed 80 LoPro Reef Ball units in the water. More will be added. -Bill Huppert

Reef Balls Lowered Into Choptank River POSTED: 11:36 am EST November 17, 2004 UPDATED: 11:43 am EST November 17, 2004 CAMBRIDGE, Md. -- The Maryland Saltwater Sportfisherman's Association has deposited 80 concrete domes into the Choptank River, creating an artificial reef for aquatic life. The reef balls were lowered into the river Tuesday by crane in an area where the water is about 12-feet to 15-feet deep. It's a first-of-its-kind project for the Choptank, but the association hopes to add another 80 reef balls every year. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation helped with the project. Officials expect the reef balls to attract Bay life within a year.


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