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Despite the approaching winter season the next project was initiated in Germany by Joachim Warner from the Diver?s association ?Fördetaucher?. His cooperation partner was the DC ?Baltic Dive Center?, located just a few 100 meters away from the selected immersion site The site was an almost lifeless and sandy plain in the so-called Kieler Aussenförde. It was a location of an approximately 13 - 14 meters depth that could easily be reached from ashore. A local company provided for the cement and the German Navy supported them with the heavier technical equipment. The latter also supported them at the immersion day with the shipment of the moulds from the production area to the actual immersion site. Ten days after the official immersion on November 11 the first animals were observed. Ever since a relentless settlement has taken place, observed closely by ?Fördetaucher? and the University of Kiel. In order to protect the fragile site, the exact location of the balls will not be published before the resettlement has been accomplished successfully.


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