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2007 Management Plan calls for... Artificial Habitat Creation: Oysters are a vital species in achieving restoration of the estuary. They are a key indicator of the health of the system and are also very effective biofilters of fine sediments and nutrients in the water column. The recommended plan includes creating additional oyster habitat area. This habitat area is essential because it aids in the restoration process by providing a location for oyster larvae to settle and by providing habitat for other species. Six sites in the middle estuary have been identified. Each site will be approximately 15 acres in area and will include 10 acres of shell hash, 4 acres of prefabricated 2-foot diameter concrete reef balls and 1 acre of seagrass. A total of 90 acres of artificial habitat will be created via this means: 60 acres of oyster shell hash, 24 acres of prefabricated reef balls, and 6 acres of artificial submerged aquatic vegetation.


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