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Asta is also a member of the Barbados Marine Trust, an organisation dedicated to promoting environmentally and socially-sustainable use of the Marine areas of Barbados. The Trust plays a major role in assisting the Government of Barbados in the implementation of marine management initiatives. Protecting our reefs ensures that our economy, community, and the livelihoods of our people are sustained. The Trust intends to implement a long-term plan, which will enable us to educate the population in particular our children on the importance of, and need for a permanent policy for the future of our marine resources. We have embarked on a Reef Ball project. The main objectives of the project are: To improve the marine environment for present and future generations and in particular to increase the biodiversity in the area. To improve the species variety and population density of all marine life, fish, corals sponges etc. in the area. To use local knowledge and experience to restore the ailing marine environment in the most cost effective manner. The ecological enhancement of the area. To mimic the natural environment in an area which is the least polluted in Barbados. To create an environment which will enhance


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