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RBDG Educational Projects

At the Reef Ball Group, we believe in education. After all, the reefs we build will be around for centuries and it is our children that will gain the most from what we do today to save our ocean ecosystems. Many of our volunteers are teachers and have sought out ways we could help young folks learn about their oceans. If you are an educator, and would like to start some sort of project, call or write us. We'll go out of our way to help you get something going.


We have miniature molds that allow young folks to build their own miniature Reef Balls. These can be placed in the water for observation and experimentation. Many classrooms have aquariums that the models can be placed in either before or after they have been in the water for a while. The whole process of working with concrete alone is worth the project. But learning more about what's underwater is what it's all about. Create a new lesson plan, or use one that another teacher has used--it's up to you.

Small Sized Reef Balls

Many programs are even building real reefs made from our smaller sized modules like the Bay Ball, Lo-Pro Ball and Oyster Balls. They are easy to make even when you have to mix the concrete in a wheelbarrel. We have contacts, just about everywhere, to hook you up with the governmental artificial reef coordinators so that your kids will have a place to put the Reef Balls when they are made. Our grant program will supply these molds for free so don't just think about it, get involved!

Instruction Manuals

Mini-Mold Building Instruction Manual

Lo-Pro & Oyster Ball Building Instruction Manual

Bay, Pallet or Reef Ball Training Manual (call, license required)

Bay Ball and larger sized Instruction Manuals have a secret URL, please contact RBDG directly to obtain this address.

Guest Speakers

If we have volunteers in your area, they will gladly come and speak for your classroom. If not, we have videos available that you can show in the classroom.

Educational Projects:

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