Polyform US Logo A-Series Buoys

Why Polyform?

The Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd. uses Polyform buoys for both casting Reef Balls and for floating Reef Balls out to the reef.  The reason?  We tested them all and only Polyform's special rotomolding process and choice of high quality plastics allows the buoys to stand up to the pressures and high heat generated by casting concrete.  We even visited Polyform's factory in Washington and can attest to their world class quality standards.  With over 5,000 Reef Balls made, we have only lost 2 A-series buoys and both were due to our own dumb mistakes (we left a nail sticking out of the bottom of our mold bases). Here is Polyform's current commercial brochure.

Polyform A-Series Brochure (Image)

Polyform US Buoys Pricing  (From Reef Ball for Reef Ball Clients Only)

A-0	A-1	A-2	A-3	A-4	A-5	A-6
$17.81	$26.00	$34.37	$44.70	$67.90	$140.43	$231.56

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