Coastal Reef Builders, Inc.
Pensacola Florida
Covering the Panhandle & Alabama

Dale Minnick (right) and Bill Carson (left) are co-owners of Coastal Reef Builders, Inc.Coastal Reef Builders, Inc. has been an authorized Reef Ball contractor since 1992 and has developed relationships with the permitting folks in Florida and Alabama so that you don't have to mess with getting your own permit. We focus solely on Reef Ball products, so you get the best price on the hottest technology in Artificial Reefs today. We have developed special deployment techniques that insure your Reef Balls are deployed in perfect condition and will last for hundreds of years plus we ensure that your reef's coordinates are private.

Unlike competitors, we have NO MINIMUMS--no job is too large or too small for us.  We are the first to offer Reef Balls in the Ultra size specially designed with a higher profile for the fisherman with pelagic fish in mind such as amberjack. (In fact, we helped Reef Ball develop them!)  [Ultra Reef Ball Mold Pictured]

We also offer Reef Ball training at competitive rates (if you have Reef Ball mold systems) and are willing to travel.  Ed Lowther is our trained staff construction specialist who can assist in your training needs.     

Coastal Reef Builders, Inc. Price List
Effective July 15, 1996
Deployed Price With Lo Pro Cap Add Additional Units on Same Coordinates Subtract Add Extra pH Neutralizer to Concrete (For Faster Growth) Add
Pallet Ball $200 $45 $25 $5
Reef Ball $300 $45 $40 $10
Ultra Reef Ball $350 $45 $40 $10

These prices do not apply to governmental projects unless project is sole sourced to Coastal Reef Builders, Inc.

Coastal Reef Builders, Inc.
Dale Minnick & Bill Carson
750 Myrick St.
Pensacola, FL  32505

850-469-0734 or fax 850-469-9935

New Number 850-232-3253

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