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In 2001, 220 concrete balls were dropped around the area to replenish it, encourage coral growth and attract fish and sea life. In a few weeks the operation will be repeated with 21 reef balls being dropped to extend the marine reserve. More reef balls will also be dropped in Abu Dhabi. The water is around 15 metres deep and further out to sea it is around 32 metres. Eleven dhows are going to be sunk to regenerate the zone. The project is being done with the participation of the Emirates Diving Association, a UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) affiliated volunteer organisation who has signed two Memorandums of Understanding to protect marine life and aid the federal government with research. Researchers from the Centre and EDA mapped out the areas on Thursday to position the reef balls. "We are going to drop the reef balls so that we don't get in the way of the fishermen and respect their fishing territory. We are going to extend the reserve by putting the reef balls on the outskirts," said Ebrahim Al Zu'bi, director of EDA.


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