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Preparation of Basements 2
Preparation of Basements
The Molds in  their positions 1
The Molds in  their positions 2
This Mold is Ready for Pouring
Wheelbarrow with Sand and Shovel
Balls been transported by Sixwheelser
Crane and Reefball
David giving advice to the Crane Driver
Divers giving signs for the Crane Drviver for positioning the Reefballs
Giving Presize Advice to the Crane Driver for positioning into the Sea
Lalit and Mohamed loading the Truck. Robie is driving the Lull
Molds been Stored at the Dock
Reefball Diving down to their position
Robie driving the Lull with two Pallet Ball
Robie on Deployment
The Reefballs on the Barge
Blue Baeked with Emty Tray
Corals been place into the Tray after planted into samll cement plugs
Corals been placed into the still liquid Concrete
Corals been planted into Cement
Corals been Planted
Corals been succesfully planted and Concrete has flashed, nor ready to go back into the Water
Cups filled with Sand ready for the Cement and the Corals

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