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The Reefballs on the Barge
Blue Baeked with Emty Tray
Corals been place into the Tray after planted into samll cement plugs
Corals been placed into the still liquid Concrete
Corals been planted into Cement
Corals been Planted
Corals been succesfully planted and Concrete has flashed, nor ready to go back into the Water
Cups filled with Sand ready for the Cement and the Corals
Cutting Tools been Steralized with Iodine
Diver is bringing the Corals to the Reffballs for plantation
Fingers and Coral Table been Sterilized with Antibacterial Soap, Cloves been used to protect the Corals
Floating Coral Table
Angelfish 1
Monocol Bream
Grouper 1
Angelfish 2
Hermit Crap
Grouper 2
Hotlips coming out of Reefball
Monocol Bream on Layercake
Hotlips between two Reefalls
Grouper under an Ultra Ball
Hotlips in a Reefball
Giant Grouper
Imperiled Coral 1
Hand Desinfection with Sand
Imperiled Coral
Imperiled Coral put into the Basked
Fragmentation Underwater
Fragments of Acropora
Fragments of Acropora in the Basked

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