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The local ferry which transports cars, trucks, supplies and people to Al Yasset Island was used for 4 days to deploy 5 separate reefs. Since some of the reefs occured over areas with some existing coral, divers had to be in the water for every drop of the Reef Balls to ensure corals were not damaged during the deployments. Two of the reefs required very precise placement to create specific bottom layouts of the Reef Balls including the shape of an Arrow pointing to Mecca. This drops required multiple anchors on the barge and a constant attention to barge positioning. Other deployments, over sand only bottoms, were conducted to demonstrate efficiency and including dropping multiple Reef Balls with a special automatic release hook known as "the wanger." in a high speed manner. The variety of deployment styles were choose to demonstrate several options for Reef Ball deployments. Floating style deployments were not used since the barge resource was available.
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