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7Days.Fake Coral Reefs.10 Feb
Al Bayan.Reef Structures.10 Feb
Al Ittihad.Reef Structures.10 Feb
Al Khaleej.Reef Structures.10 Feb
Al Wahda.Reef Structures.10 Feb
AlBawabaEn.Reef Block.9 Feb
AMEInfoAr.Reef Block.9 Feb
AMEInfoEn.Reef Block.9 Feb
Emirates Business.More Room for Marine Life.10 Feb
GoDubaiEn.Reef Block.9 Feb
Gulf News.Project Ecosystem.10 Feb
MEEvents.Reef Block.9 Feb
UAEInteract.Reef Block.10 Feb
ZawyaEn.Reef Block.9 Feb
Gulf News.Soft Dreams.20 Feb
More sea life thru concrete..

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