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The coral transplants were taken from 2 different sites; the Third Turtle Beach Nourishment Project area and the sunken barge off of Water Cay. A total of 712 transplants were accomplished in the 7 day period, not including small corals (single finger corals divided from larger colonies) and red algal clumps (Amphiroa and Neogoniolython spp.) that were added. The western site (Site 1) received a total of 314 hard corals, 27 soft corals, and 65 ?live rocks? with associated invertebrates. The eastern site (Site 2) received 243 hard corals, 16 soft corals, and 47 ?live rock? formations. All transplants have been photo-documented for further monitoring, and as of 1 week post construction, are all in good health. The following photos show examples of the work.


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