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The reef modules were constructed July 22nd thru August 5th 2007 at the Treasure Beach lot located to the South of the hotel. The construction process was performed by 6 people, 3 persons from Reef Innovations, Inc. and 3 local laborers. Concrete and sand was purchased from Butterfield Concrete, forklift by a local contractor and shells and rock from local sources. Local coordination and transportation was provided by Beaches and expertly directed by Michael Clarke, the Water Sports Manager. The fabricated units were deployed and transplants added the week of August 25-September 2, 2007. A total of 205 reef units were placed, with approximately 124 balls on the eastern site and 91 balls on the western site (5 balls were broken in process and counted as two). Of the 205 units, there were 20 pallet balls, 60 bay balls, 60 mini bay balls, 30 lo-pro balls, and 30 oyster balls with 50% of those being fabricated in the ?layer cake? design.


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