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CemForce strands are polypropylene [FDA. food grade]. The open mesh allows marine organisms to get a hold. Note: polypropeline has been used successfully in the growing on ropes at oysters and mussel farms. The mix is over 80% limestone, micronised calcium carbonate [made from shells] is the filler [2/3rds of the mix] The company that supplies this mixture, has an associate in the USA.. The required rough surface is achieved without using a concrete retardant , the reduced pH of the mix is reached by the choice fillers, rather than additives. The "panel" mouldings will be tougher than plain concrete, the holes can be made using mould inserts, and can be shaped in a large variety of ways. Textile Concrete is ideal for underwater Art Sculptures or other custom designed artificial reef shapes. The Reef Ball Foundaiton endorses these types of projects when proper attention to quality control, stability and reef building standards are followed.


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