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A concrete artificial reef (consisting of 12 reefballs) was installed at New Campbellton, off-shore from an area previously used as a loading dock for a local limestone quarry. Apart from the pier and rocks placed as a berm to support the roadway, limited substrate is available for habitat development. This reef ball installation provides surface area for attachment of sessile marine organisms? equivalent to 62m2. The hollow reefball structures also provide shelter for fish and invertebrates.The New Campbellton site is ideal for monitoring colonization of the artificial reef, as the marine organisms that will inhabit the reefwill be drawn to it by dispersion from adjoining substrate. The site colonization from non-exist-ent to enhanced habitat by the addition ofsubstrate will give a clear indication of how such artificial materials may be colonized following a catastrophic disturbance. Artificial substrate can increase attachment and colonization opportunities, subsequently increasing nutrients and habitat for species. The increase in species?numbers resulting from the creation of new habitat would provide a reserve of individuals able to rebuild populations following contami-nation (sewage, shellfish contaminants) or physi-cal disturbances in other areas of the lake.Contact Judy McMullen (902) 567-6282 or judymcmullen@acapcb.ns.ca


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