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The Reef Ball Coral Team identified a threat to the endangered species Acropora Palmata (Elkhorn Coral) at Dzul Ha and all the south coast of Cozumel. Reef Ball Coral Teams have ethics that prevent intervention in natural processes even when they harm corals unless there is scientific evidence that human activities are enhancing the threat. The Coral Team consulted with the NOAA Coral List (coral-list@coral.aoml.noaa.gov ) and found work by two scientists Margaret Miller at NOAA Fisheries (margaret.w.miller@noaa.gov) or Alina Szmant at UNCW (szmanta@uncw.edu) who indicated that Acropora was the preferred food of these snails and that lobster fisheries had enhanced the snail populations because lobsters eat these snails when the are small. This science gives the Coral Team standing to remove and euthanize the coralivous snails to protect the endangered Elkhorn Corals.

Miller 2001 Coralliophila removal

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