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In June 2004, Mr. Joe Edler was introduced to the Living Reef Foundation as a member of the Baltimore County Game & Fish Protective Association. For the next two months, Mr. Joe collected information through the foundation and the Maryland Saltwater Sports Fishermen’s Association (MSSA) about the benefits of the project for the aquatic life in the Chesapeake Bay. The project was presented to and approved by the Troop’s committee and the Chesapeake District Advancement Chair, Mr. Steve Lang. Eagle Scout Marc Blazejak was the first scout from Troop 354 to take on this endeavor. From October 2004 to January 2005, Mark produced 15 large reefballs for his Eagle project using molds on loan from Mr. William Huppert of the MSSA and our local Reefball Coordinator. Eagle Scout Philip Ciesla, now serving in the United States Navy, started his project in late February 2005. Donations to Mark and Phillip’s project allowed the troop to purchase two of their own molds totaling over $1,000. Using a facility loaned to us by Constellation Energy, the two reef ball molds purchased by the troop and the numerous man hours of scouts and leaders, Philip was able to produce 16 large reef balls and 10 smaller oyster reef balls by mid April 2005. Eagle Scout Chris Edler started his project immediately following Philip. Chris produced 18 large reef balls and 10 smaller oyster reef balls by the end of May 2005. Chris is now in his junior year in the Patapsco High School Music Magnet program and serves as the troop’s Senior Patrol Leader, continuously setting an example for his fellow scouts. Eagle Scout David Reed started his Eagle project in July 2005. David produced 18 large reef balls & 10 smaller oyster reef balls along with several other unique creations and formations that he and his dad, Brian Reed, created from left over concrete. David is now in his junior year in the Patapsco High School Music Magnet program and serves as the troop’s Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. In August 2005, Life Scout Andrew Thomas started his Eagle Scout Service Project. Andrew produced 18 large reef balls and 10 smaller oyster reef balls. Andrew is currently in his junior year at Eastern Technical High School. The finished reef balls from David Reed and Andrew Thomas were delivered to the holding area at a local state park near Chase Maryland in mid September 2005. From there, the reef balls will be dropped into the Chesapeake Bay to start their journey as a reef for aquatic life. Eagle Scout Steve Symanik started his project in October 2005. Steve produced 15 large reef balls and 15 smaller oyster reef balls. On January 22nd, 2006, Steve and Dave had their Board of Review and were awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. The troop plans to continue constructing the reef balls as future Eagle projects for as long as the boys are interested in making them. The projects have benefited the scouts as much as they benefited the bay. Project management, leadership, financial and time management are skills that are cultivated by this undertaking. Jan 2006: Discussing making smaller batches of Reef Balls.


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