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Another "green" project was making oyster reef balls. Young's "We Care" class made six concrete "balls" over the past several weeks. In May, several Atholton fifth-graders will join other Maryland students as they drop their reef balls into the Chesapeake Bay. Conor Habiger, 11, helped pour cement into a mold, then added plastic balls. When the cement hardened into concrete, the balls were removed, leaving "holes for the oysters to attach themselves to," he said. Conor explained that oysters "filter the water, and they can clean 60 gallons a day. ... It makes me feel good that I know that I'm doing something for the environment." Young said that spending for Green School projects has been minimal. She is looking into funding, and the school PTA has set aside money to support "green" projects. "The big hope is that these environmental enrichment opportunities will inspire these kids to become leaders," Young said.

Students aim to go 'green,' reduce waste -- baltimoresun

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