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RC Brickfields has made 4 ReefBalls in Admiral Marina & Leisure Club, in conjunction with Reefs Around Malaysia, a non profit organisation dedicated to the enhancement of the marine environment for fish and to create a healthy environment for them to spawn. Reefballs are a well known and understood technique for helping the marine environment and more details of Reefballs can be found below. Rotary Club of Brickfields has taken up the challenge and is working with Reefs Around Malaysia with the aim of laying ONE MILLION ReefBalls around Malaysia, in an effort to stem the damage to the sea floor and to provide that safe habitat for our fish to regenerate. We will, as a by-product, be helping to regenerate the reefs as well, no matter what type. Our next stage is to hold the project hard opening, nicknamed The Big Splash. It is scheduled for 11 January 2003, in Admiral Marina & Leisure Club and in conjunction with Reefs Around Malaysia. We are now starting to canvas clubs and organisations in the quest for a large attendance. We will present the project to all, and offer options as to how they can join us in helping our marine environment. Please note, that RC Brickfields will only be a coordinating agency: each project will be very much that of the sponsor club. What clubs and companies can do Our intention is to raise this to District level to involve all Malaysian Rotary Clubs so that they can build, buy, or just donate funds for a ReefBall(s). The balls can be deployed to pre-designated site, be centrally deployed when there are sufficient to fill a barge and be towed to site, and the donaton used to buy equipment, pay for deployment or whatever is necessary. But we want to involve other clubs and industry ni this important venture.

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