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We are a private corporation who would be undertaking the development of an island that lies in South China Sea off the east coast of Malaysia. The Island of Tioman has been among the top ten most beautiful islands in the world, renowned for its beautiful environment and exotic marine life. The 13,000 ha. Island and 7 other smaller islands in the vicinity are now zoned as 'marine park', which also include the sea areas within 2 nautical miles surrounding them. Our redevelopment program places a strong emphasize on conservation, with the aim to elevate the island into the most beautiful island in the world. An integral part of the program is the restoration and enhancement of corals reef within the marine park, which has been damaged due to various factors such as unregulated diving and land-discharge pollutants. We have been seriously studying our website with great interest, and looking strongly at the possibility of incorporating your product and system inside our project. We have a tight schedule of 2-years to complete the exercise, and would be grateful if you could provide us with some kind of proposition based on the information we are attaching with this letter, to initiate the project. We look forward to your prompt reply. Thank you Yours truly, Md. Idros Sumari TIFTA+SECOR, Special Project


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