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PROJECT TITLE: UNIPESCA Project, Guatemala (Ministry of Agriculture) LOCATION: Barcanae, Guatemala?Pacific Coast PROPOSAL DATE: January 2006 TIMELINE: Project is already permitted and minimally funded by the Ministry of Agriculture for initial molds and training and production of a 60 Reef Balls. PROJECT AIMS. To restore fishery resources for local fisheries and to demonstrate artificial reef technology in the country. With additional outside funding, they will increase greatly the number of Reef Ball units to be deployed. If funding is swift, they can also increase the number of molds purchased to expand their capacity and size offerings to the fishermen. BUDGET: Any amount?all-funding will be used to expand the scope of the current project. Funds will be used for concrete; molds, deployment expenses or local labor only to insure money is well leveraged. Maximum funds needed $50,000. MAGA / UNIPESCA Project Manager Erick Villagran, Minister of Agriculture (erick.villagran@gmail.com) The Reef Ball molds (4) will be used for a variety of projects for scientific research, fishery enhancement, and sportfish enhancement.


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