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This is a cooperative project between the City of Key West and Reef Relief to create a swim lane on the south side of the island from the shoreline out 600 feet, from a point near the White Street Pier, westward to a point near the foot of Duval Street. This zone would be marked by installing demarcation buoys. Motorized vessels would be prohibited from entering the swim lane, however two entry lanes would be established for continued access to the shore by vessels. The existing channel, marking the entry to the Casa Marina Docks would be one of the entry lanes. The location of the second entry lane that would access the Atlantic Shores and the Reach beaches is yet to be determined. The exact position of the swim zone demarcation buoys and entry lanes would be established in cooperation with the commercial boat companies and property owners in this area. Considerations must also be made for people who fish from the White Street Pier. It is important to keep swimmers and snorkelers away from fishing gear. The swim zone will tuck inward near the area near the pier (see map). In addition to the swim zone. Reef Relief also plans to install reef ball habitats comprised of fossilized coral rocks arranged in a spur and groove formation through out the swim zone in order to create fish habitats and to provide hard surfaces upon which coral can grow. These habitats create wonderful snorkel sites and provide protection for a myriad of species. Reef Balls have been installed at many snorkel sites around the world and have enhanced both the natural environment and the snorkeling experience in those areas. NOTE: although planned, Reef Balls were not used because permits were not issued.


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