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In August of 1994, the Reef Ball Group secured a donation of a Bay Ball (tm) mold for the Boy Scout High Adventure Sea Base on Islamorada in the Florida Keys. As part of the adventure, boys and girls build and deploy Bay Balls (tm) on a permitted site 3 miles offshore in shallow waters. The project was expanded in 1995 to include the use of the smaller Lo-Pro Ball (tm) and Oyster Ball (tm) molds . Slides are available of the boys and girls constructing the Reef Balls (tm) and of the underwater scene. The molds were donated by Charbon's Outdoors America Dive Shop in Athens, Georgia. (706) 548-7225. "Charbon's Alley" and "Scout" reef is located at 24" 45.41' N and 80" 49.11'W. Each scout also has the opportunity to contribute to the Sea Base's ongoing construction of a new artificial reef site by building and putting in place a concrete "reef ball." The 3-foot- (0.9-meter-) diameter hollow balls serve as homes for small fish and many other types of sea life, including coral itself. Today, the reef, made up of some 200 balls, is estimated to be more than 20 yards (18 meters) wide and at least 60 yards (55 meters) long.


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