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Tanya Streeter, World Record Title Holder for Free Diving is a Reef Ball Foundation Honary Board Member. She went on a Reef Ball Coalition trip to Dominica to build and deploy Reef Balls at Castaway Resort. Quote from Tanya Streeter, "The Reefball Foundation is an organization [that] restores, rebuilds and places new reefs in different areas if they?re needed either for tourism, local fisheries, when reefs are damaged or even to protect the beaches from erosion. Instead of dumping a big old car engine in there, they?ve come up with this very cool design that kind of gives nature a?start. They?ve placed a reefball down there?designed with water flow in mind, with how the coral can stick and grow, how the fish are going to use it, different things like this. I help to promote their work and I go on trips with them."


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