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Matt Schikore from Iowa City visited Portamari in September 2007 and snapped these photos of the Reef Balls, he was accompanied by his wife, Amy Parker who sent us the photos.. They are post hurricane and demonstrate how non-coral surfaces are often cleaned by the sandblasting effects of major storms. These clean areas are ideal for natural settlement of this year's coral spawn. Her comments: "Given that it's my first time seeing a real-life Reefball, I thought they looked great. Healthy looking brain and fire coral, I think a few small sea rods --this was a few days after Hurricane Felix blew over, so unfortunately we didn't catch any coral spawning as planned. The Sergeant Majors were particularly fond of the balls. :)"

Male Sergeant Major with his purple egg patch on side of reef ball
Reefball colony (see reefball.org)
Reefball colony
Reefball up close
Reefball with Brain and Fire Coral growth
Reefballs with coral growth
Sergeant Majors show off Reefball colony
Small reefball with Mustard Hill, Brain, and Fire Corals

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