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costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 042
costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 034
costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 053
costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 058
costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 063
  costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 083.jpg - Filter feeders were abundant on the Reef Ball surfaces.  
costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 110
costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 078
costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 112
costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 089
costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 028

costaricamonitoringtripdec2006 083 | Filter feeders were abundant on the Reef Ball surfaces. Download
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