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we managed to finish the 40 reef balls for the project. We started in April because we couldn't get some materials for the construction on time. The mold was used twice a day with an interval of 7.5 hours between the two castings. The conditions were pretty difficult, mainly logistics related. The mold and parts appeared to be in good conditions at the end however, one of the central bladders had a punch on the inside of the handle ring. We used one bladder per casting so that we could let it rest and avoid stressing of the bladders. The thither? balls were all fine and did not use any of the spare ones. We built 3 bases, this allowed us to keep the fresh balls on them before dropping them on to the ground. With regards to the community, about 38% of the fisher community got involved in the construction stage. My guess is that about three local fishermen became used to building reef balls and also used to the mold and its parts. The rest of the fishermen helped with putting cement, sand, rock, etc, into the concrete mixer and mold.


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