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Artificial Reef Structures recently completed an agreement with the Artificial Reef Foundation and the two will work closely to help restore selective Canadian aquatic ecosystems. The 500 lb. balls, which are three feet across at the base and stand two-and-half feet high, are made from an environmentally friendly blend of concrete and specifically designed to provide habitat for marine life. When Reg Teeney and John Bell, in cooperation with the Town of Sidney, planned the Bevan fishing pier, they commissioned the placement of reef balls along its perimeter to rejuvenate the sealife near the shore. The project was so successful that, in 1998, it was named the best Reef Ball project in the world by the international Reef Ball Organization. "We want to spread the word about what artificial reefs can do," said Hawboldt. "Any municipality that is doing major construction, any place there is a dock, the district or community can implement a reef system into it." Hawboldt said Sidney is leading the way with its use of the reef balls around the Bevan Pier. "It's a big draw for divers - the market could be huge. Nova Scotia is an area we are looking at. There has been a lot of damage to the water there, mainly mercury, even the lobster industry has declined because of it - the ocean is so special, the ecosystem is something we don't want to lose." For more info about reef balls please visit: http://www.reefballs.ca or http://www.artificialreefstructures.com


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