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The following species were found on the Maiden Island Windward Reef Ball Breakwater reef within four months of construction of the Reef. A more formal report of species present prior to the reef and species present after construction of the reef is being prepared but this quick report is to allow anyone visiting the project to report sightings of new marine life to use for inclusion in that report. Fish Common Name Scientific Name Angelfish French Queen Blennies Saddled Boxfish Scrawled Cowfish Spotted Trunkfish Butterfly fish Banded Foureye Spotfin Chromis Damselfish Beaugregory Cocoa Dusky Sergant Major Threespot Eel Green Moray Sharptail Eel Spotted Moray Filefish Orangespotted Whitespotted Goatfish Spotted Yellow Gobies Goldspot Neon Masked Pallid Sharknose Grouper Soapfish Barred Hamlet Grunts Bluestriped French Cottonwick Jacks Bar Yellow Parrotfish Bucktooth Princess Queen Redband Striped Pufferfish Balloonfish Bandtail Puffer Porcupine Sharpnose Puffer Rays Southern Stingray Spotted Eagle Seabass Creole fish Sharks Blacktip Lemon Scorpionfish Reef Snappers Gray Mutton Schoolmaster Yellowtail Squirrelfish Blackbar Soldier Reef Squirrelfish Surgeonfish Blue Tang Doctorfish Triggerfish Wrasse Bluehead Clown Slippery Dick Yellowhead Puddingwife Others Barracuda Bandtail fish Flying Gurnard Jawfish Jolthead Porgy Peacock Flounder Permit Pompano Mojarra, Yellowfin Needle fish Sand Diver Trumpetfish Dolphin (mammal) Coral Common Name Scientific Name Angular Sea Whip Pterogoria anceps Bent Sea Rod Plexaura flexuosa Black Sea Rod Plexaura homomalla Black Sponge Blushing Star Coral Stephanoceonia intersepts Boulder Star Coral Montasraea annularis Bright Green Finger Porites Porites Corky Sea Finger Briareum asbestinum Diffuse Ivory Bush Coral Oculina Diffusa Elkhorn Acropora Palmata Encrusting Gorgonians Erythropodium caribaeorum Finger Porites Porites Finger Porites Divaricata Fire Coral Millipora Fused Staghorn Acropora Robusta Gorgonians Octocorals Green Sponge Groved Brain Coral Diploria labyrinthiformis Knobby Brain Coral Dilorria clivosa Knobby Sea Rod Eunicea spp. Lesser Starlet Coral Siderastrea radians Lettuce Coral Agaricia Agaricites Mustard Hill Coral Porites astreoides Porous Sea Rod Pseudoplexaura spp. Purple Sponge Red Sponge Rose Corals Manicina areolata Sea Plume Pseudopterogorgia spp. Sea Squirt Sea Whip Pterogoria anceps Solitary Disks Scolymia wellsi Staghorn Acropora Cervicornis Swollen-Knob Candelabrum Eunicea mammosa Symentrical Brain Coral Diploria stringosa Yellow Pencil Coral M. Mirabellus Invertebrates Common Name Scientific Name Sponges Porifera Candle sponge Verongia astuaris Branching candle sponge Verongia longissima Red finger sponge Haliclona rubens Green sponge Haliclona viridis Heavenly sponge Dysidea ethera Red boring sponge Cliona lampa Chicken liver sponge Chondrilla nucula White sponge Geodia gibberosa Yellow boring sponge Siphondictyon coralliphagum Fire Sponge Tedania ignis Hydroids, Jellyfish, Anemones Cnidaria Algae hydroid Thyroscyphus ramosus Branching hydroid Sertularella speciosa Stinging hydroid Macrorhynchia philippina Christmas tree hydroid Pennaria dysticha Moon jelly Aurelia aurita Upside down Jelly Cassiopeia xamachana Sea wasp Carybdea alata Corkscrew or ringed anemone Bartholomea annulata Pink Tipped anemone Condylactis gigantea Banded tube dwelling anemone Arachnanthus nocturnes Encrusting gorgonian Erythropodium caribaeorum Segmented Worms Annelida Medusa worm Loimia medusa Golden tube worm Cistenides gouldi Christmas tree worm Spirobranchus giganteus Magnificent feather duster Sabellastarte magnifica Elegant Fanworm Hypsicomus elegans Green Bristleworm Hermodice carunculata Lug worms Arenicola cristata One or more of the following: Banded feather duster Sabella melanostigma Red banded Fanworm Potamilla forticula Balck spotted fanworm Branchiomma migromaculota Crabs, Shrimps, Lobsters Crustacea Green reef crab Mithrax sculptus Ghost crab Ocypode quadrata Fiddler Uca sp. Spider Mithrax sp. Decorator crab Stegocionops furcata Red Hermit crab Petrochirus dioganus Common rock mantis shrimp Stomatopoda gonodactylus Pederson’s cleaning shrimp Periclimenes pededsoni Spiny Lobster Panulirus argus Slipper Lobster Panulirus scyllarides Snails, Squids, Octopuses, Bivalves Mollusca Reef squid Sepioteuthis sepioidea Lettuce nudibranch Tridachia crispata Other nudibranch Tridachia sp. Spiny or thorny oyster Spondylus americaus Flame Auger Terebra taurinus Murex Murex cabriti Atlantic Natica Natica canrena Keyhole Limpet Fissurella sp. Clam Lima Flaming scallops Sharp turn scallop Pecten ziczac Cerith Cerithium sp. Octopus Octopus briareus Turbo snail Astreaca sp. Queen Conch Strombus gigas Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers Echniodermata Reticulated or cushion starfish Oreaster reticulates Harlequin brittle star Ophiodena appressum Basket star Astrophyton muricatum Rock boring urchin Echniometra lucunter Varigated or collector urchin Lytechinus variegatus Sea egg Tripneustes venticosus 4 sided sea cucumber Stichopus badionotus Donkey Dung Sea cucumber Holothuria mexicana Unidentified sea biscuits Tunicates Chordata Painted tunicate Clavelina picta Black tunicate Ascidea nigra Other Sea squirts Flamingo Tongue Algae Y Branched Algae Dictyota sp. Leafy Flat-blade Alga Stypopodium Zonale White Scroll Alga Padina Jamaicensis Encrusting Fan-leaf Alga Lobophora variegata Watercress Alga Halimeda Opuntia Large Leaf Watercr. A. Halimeda Discoidea Stalked Lettuce Alga Halimeda Tuna Small-Leaf Hanging Vine Halimeda Goreaui Large-Leaf Hanging Vine Halimeda Copiosa Three Finger Leaf Alga Halimeda Incrassata Green Jointed-Stalk A. Halimeda Monile Flat-Top Bristle Brush Penicillus Pyriformis Green Feather Alga Caulerpa sertularoides Oval-Blade Alga Caulerpa Prolifera Sea Pearl Ventricaria Ventricosa Green Bubble Weed Dictyosphaeria Cavernosa Papyrus Print Alga Anadyomene Stellata Paddle Blade Alga Avrainvillea Longicaulis Mermaid's Fan Udotea sp. Pinecone Alga Rhipocephalus Phoenix Tubular Thicket Algae Galaxaura sp. Pink Segmented Alga Jania Adherens Flat Twig Alga Amphiroa Tribulus Y-Twig Alga Amphiroa Rigida Lavender Crust Algae Phylum Rhodota Caulerpa Toxifolia


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