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As for Smitty's itself - it's okay diving. About 30 - 100 ft. depth, viz ranges from Braille diving conditions to 70 ft. Best in October, although good throughout winter and divable year-round. Fair bit of life, particularly on the sunken features including some artificial reef (cement reef balls). It can get old quickly, but Smitty's is "Old Reliable" around here. Directions: Take Seward highway south from Anchorage. As you follow turnagain arm up the valley for about an hour, you'll approach the Whittier turn-off. Turn left to Whittier and follow the road for about 7 miles. The road ends at a toll tunnel which is a one-lane road through the base of the mountain for approximately 3 miles. Toll fee is $12 round-trip. After exiting the tunnel, you follow the road for another 1/2 mile to the first right turn. Whittier is a very small town and as you drive through it several old abandoned buildings will be on either side. at the first left you follow the road until it dead-ends at the cove. Please stop and pay $5 at the sign directing you to do so.


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