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Under many circumstances, Reef Ball molds may be copied *** This folder contains molds not copied following our required procedures. We enforce our patents and copyrights when necessary to maintain quality control. *** Copying of molds is permitted by our clients and contractors under the following conditions: 1) Molds must function exactly like the original molds (That means to make a copy, one must first copy the original mold, then pull a new original from the copied "master". They must be of the same thickness and fiberglass quality as original molds. (Use of fiberglass roving is generally needed for mold flanges). 2) Copied molds must have all parts the same as original molds. This includes pins and washers like the originals that can generally be lathed at any metal working shop, same sized plates, and inclusion of the rubber stoppers on the inside mold shells. Hole patterns and hole sizes in the shells must be identical. Only Polyform branded buoys can be used in the molds for the inflatable parts. We are happy to supply any parts you cannot find or manufacture locally. 3) Payment of a "mold duplication fee" or license for each mold put in service. (which is a charge we use to recover the engineering. testing and R&D costs of the master molds over the expected number of molds produced). To place a mold in service, you must email us a picture of the mold set up so that we can confirm it has been copied correctly and the mold has all the associated working parts and you must remit the mold duplication fee. In some cases, we will reduce or waive the duplication fee when duplicated molds are to be used exclusively for Reef Ball Foundation Grant Program approved projects. After this step, and we can log it in as a licensed mold for copyright purposes and you may begin using your copied molds.


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